Cute Thinking of You Messages For Someone special

When you are in a relationship its very important to let your partner know that they are important and you are thinking of them.Be it relation of husband wife or girl friend boyfriend sending thinking about you messages gives a special feeling to your loved one.So if you are looking for a cute message or quote we have compiles a good collection of it here.

Romantic Thinking Of  You Quotes and Messages for Her

You have a girlfriend or wife and you are searching some good quotes for you loved one, here are some of the best and romantic quotes and messages they will make your girl super happy.

Cute Thinking of You Messages For Someone special

1-When you smile for no apparent reason while you think about someone, then no doubt, you are in love.
2-I think about you constantly, whether it’s with my mind or my heart. – Terri Guillemets
3-I am waiting and hoping and wishing for the time when we can be together again! Thinking of You every second!
4-My heart dances with joy when I think about you. – Debasish Mridha
5-When I think of you I get this feeling that I want to see you.
6-My world is lonely when you are not with me. Thinking of You! – Stephanie
7-I am thinking about you I feel complete. That is enough for me.
8-If I don’t think of you, I don’t think I’m alive.
9-Thinking of you is one of my favorite things to do.
10-I am thinking about you. When I look into your eyes and they swallowed me.
11-You are the sun in my day the wind in my sky the waves in my ocean and the beat in my heart… Thinking of You!
12-Saw two fallen branches in the shape of a heart. Thought of you.
13-Lost in loneliness and pain. Black and unendurable, Thinking of You with every Corpuscle of my flesh, in Every instant of night And day.
14-When I think of you, I think of kindness, wisdom and love. Thanks for being you.
15-One day I caught myself smiling for no reason, then I realized I was thinking of you.
16-Thinking of you is my hobby,passion and reason to live.
17-I may be far and away from you but thinking about you is a refreshing feeling I always experience.
18-I’m thinking of you, that’s all I do, all the time. You’re always the first and the last thing on this heart of mine. No matter where I go, or what I do, I’m thinking of you.
19-I think about you constantly, whether it’s with my mind or my heart.
20-I can go days without talking to you, months without seeing you, but not a second goes by that I’m not thinking about you.

Heart Touching Thinking Of  You Quotes and Messages for Him

Sending warm greetings and messages keeps the bond strong, your boyfriend or husband will definitely love these sweet and cute thinking Of you Quotes.

1-Whenever you are in my mind, I feel excited, Just having you in my thoughts is enough to keep me happy.
2-Thinking of you keeps me awake, and dreaming of you keeps me asleep.
3-if I had a single flower for every time I think of you, I could walk forever in my garden.
4-I love you and can’t stop thinking about you even for a second. I miss you each and every day.
5-I t does not matter how far we are at the moment, because I can’t simply stop thinking about you.
6-Thinking about you keeps me going, whatever I do daily your thought has always been on my mind.I love you.
7-Anytime I think of you my heart becomes filled with endless joy and passion. I miss you and hope that you will be here with me soon.
8-I can’t let you know, What you meant to me, You were my world,You were my destiny, Thinking about you,I miss you!
9-Can’t stay a day without you You were my only smile Not today but all the while Waiting for you my love Thinking about you!
10-Your thought will never stop being in my heart. I wish you all the best on this earth and hope that you will be here soon.