12 Valentine’s Day Messages For Coworkers

Stuck in a usual boring and hectic routine of your work even on Valentine’s day? Take a break and scroll down to our lovely Valentine’s day messages for co-workers and spread some love among your co-workers! Who knows, maybe you could end up getting a response from someone you had your eyes on.
12 Valentine's Day Messages For Coworkers

  1. I’m feeling blessed and grateful as I think about how much I love working with all my employees!
  2. May your Valentine’s Day be filled with sweet and valuable things.
  3. I know you don’t always agree with what I tell you to do, but today I’m telling you to have a happy Valentine’s Day. Please do what I ask.
  4. Since I can’t be too careful these days, I’ll wish you a happy mid February day.
  5. You make work much more fun. I hope your Valentine’s Day is fun.
  6. I sincerely wish you a fun and happy Valentine’s Day.
  7. There are different types of love and different amounts. I love all my coworkers, but not all equally or in the same way.
  8. Thanks for making me feel loved. Happy V-day!
  9. Don’t you think we should get the day of on Valentine’s Day? If only we were running things around here.
  10. In order to minimize the risk of getting into trouble with human resources, I’ll go ahead and wish you a happy February 14th.
  11. I know we have a love/hate relationship. Since it’s Valentine’s Day, I’ll try to be nice to you today.
  12. I may not love working on V-day, but I love seeing my coworkers!