45 You Make Me Smile Quotes

She Makes Me Smile Quotes:

45 You Make Me Smile Quotes

  1. The world may tell you that you are not good enough but I tell you that you make me happy.

  2. Every wrinkle on my face is proof of just how many times you have made me smile over again.

  3. Even when the tough gets going you make me smile and that is just really important to me.

  4. It may take a lot of energy to be sad so I’ll just keep on smiling because you make me happy.

  5. This smile that I am wearing is for you and I hope you know that is the truth, my dearest love.

  6. You have friends because you always smile for them and I am one of those people you keep.

  7. Life is much more beautiful because mine has you in it, someone to keep me smiling forever.

  8. I have wondered a lot on what makes you happy, what is your secret to overflowing smiles?

  9. Even when we get in trouble you patiently hand me a smile and it just makes me smile too.

  10. People look at you and smile because you share your kindness & to me you do the same, girl.

  11. I am smiling today because of you coz even if you left you still gave me thousands of memories

  12. I start every day of my life with a smile because you are there with me to cheer me up always.

  13. I have dared you over and over again to keep me smiling and you just keep proving yourself.

  14. A happy thought is what you are now, never truly mine again but once you were, truth be told.

  15. I wonder how you make me smile even during the darkest days of my life, it must be love, boy.

  16. No matter where you are from, you make me happy and that is enough for this heart of mine.

I Smile Because Of You Quotes:

45 You Make Me Smile Quotes

  1. Today I shall do nothing but just keep on smiling for you are that person in this world for me.

  2. I never noticed how easily puppies can make you smile and for me you are like that puppy.

  3. Every problem may not have a solution so you tell me to just smile over it and so I did now.

  4. When things are not going my way you try your best and you make me smile thank you so boy.

  5. I want you to know that you are my sunshine for every storm that has ever passed my life, girl.

  6. For the rest of this life that I have, if you were there every morning, I would be happy forever.

  7. It is not speeches that I want you to share with me but the power of your smiles, my dear boy.

  8. Whenever you find the right words to say to put a smile on my face I am amused at you, boy.

  9. There is just so much in it for me especially since you make me smile by smiling right back.

  10. Not many have the capability of making me happy but I am glad that you are one of those.

  11. It may not cost you anything to try to keep me happy but it means so much to me, my dearest.

  12. You can make me happy and sometimes that is enough to just keep me going through the day.

You Make My Heart Smile Quotes:

45 You Make Me Smile Quotes

  1. You make me smile every time you tell me of how much you love me so, and I tell you I do too.

  2. Often, people underestimate the power of smiling at someone else, it makes all the difference.

  3. When you smile at a person, it can be the deciding factor of whether to make or break the day.

  4. Smiling is an act of love, it is something that you give to a person and it is quite beautiful, girl.

  5. Why don’t you try to give a stranger a smile today for it may just be the inspiration he needs.

  6. There must be a reason on why it is so easy for you to just keep me smiling from time to time.

  7. You make me smile and I think that is a good enough reason for me to keep trusting you, girl.

  8. I wish that you can always be there for me especially when I am feeling down, keep me happy.

  9. In this world, you are one of those people who never fail to find a reason to keep me smiling.

  10. You might not know this just yet but most of the time, your smile can be a source of happiness.

  11. There are times when I wish you would stay with me so that I can always keep on just smiling.

  12. If I will ever smile in this lifetime, I promised myself that you are the person I will give it to.

  13. What matters to me is the fact that you make me happy and you just love keeping me that way.

  14. You make me smile, you make me feel happy, you make me feel the luckiest girl alive in here.

  15. For every smile that you have caused me I want to thank you, life has never been the same.

  16. You are that person who will never fail to make me smile, that is enough reason to keep you.

  17. I cannot wait to see you once more coz I feel that it will make me happier than before, dear.

  18. Even when we keep our mouths shut, throwing me a smile is enough to last me through a day.