56 You Are My Everything Quotes

My Everything Quotes For Her:

56 You Are My Everything Quotes

  1. In your eyes, I can see my own soul… You’re my world!
  2. No matter what happens if everything is good in my world. My world is you…
  3. You are my strength. You are my inspiration. You are my reason to live and my whole world.
  4. What can be more valuable than our relationship? Nothing more than you! Our love is my world.
  5. You are my world and I want to have enough time to know the entire world fully.
  6. My favorite place to be is near you. You’re the whole world for me.
  7. To find the meaning of life is a blessing, but meeting the person who will become your world is even a bigger one. I am lucky to have you!
  8. I don’t need to go far away to see the world. My world is always with me when I stay with you.
  9. You are the source of my life, and you are also my life itself. You are my reason to live in this world.
  10. Perhaps you’re only one person, but for me, you’re the whole world.
  11. Everything I need to be happy during the whole life is you. You are my everything.
  12. I don’t promise to be with you for the rest of my life. You`re everything for me, so I promise to be with you for the rest of your life.
  13. Without you I would not be able to live. If I lose you, I lose everything.
  14. Near the best man in the world, I feel like the best woman. To have everything I need you.
  15. I think about you when I get up in the morning and lay down at night. I think about you when I go to work and when I come home. You are my everything.
  16. You`re the only present, I dreamt about. I have got you, and now I have everything
  17. I need everything in this life. Do you think it’s too much? Don’t think so. By everything I mean you!
  18. Even when I’m surrounded by the crowd of different people, my eyes are able to see only you, because you are my everything!
  19. You’ve made everything in my life better. My life has made you be everything for me.
  20. Everything in me is in love with you. Everything in you is the sense of my life.

You Are My World Quotes For Her:

56 You Are My Everything Quotes

  1. I love you every minute of my life; you’re my love and my life.
  2. Not all people are lucky to find the meaning of their life. I am happy because I had found it when I met you. You are the love of my life.
  3. When God presented me you, he presented me the love of my dreams and new life.
  4. Please, never leave me alone. I cannot lose you…. If I lose my love, I’ll also lose my life. You are both for me the life and the love.
  5. Don`t believe those, who say they cannot live without you. They cannot live without air. For me air is you!
  6. My life is in your hands. It`s up to you to decide if I will be happy or not. You are my love, and my life depends on you!
  7. Some people think that I’m completely out of my mind. That’s not exactly true. I’ve just found the love of my life! I love you.
  8. You’ve become my beginning, and you’ll be my end. If you’ve managed to become the love of my life, you’ll be able to become the whole life for me.
  9. You’ll never be the love of my life, because you’re more. You are my life.
  10. My life seemed empty when I didn’t have you. Thank you for filling it with love and laughter.
  11. Without you my life was gray and boring. Now I’ve found what to live for. It’s impossible to live without the love of my life!
  12. I didn’t live a full life until I met you… You make my life happy and you`re everything to me.
  13. I will never forget you. I can’t forget the person who means everything to me!
  14. I don’t need other women. They’re nothing for me, but you are everything in my life.
  15. You’re my love, my life, my air and my sun. You are my everything and nothing less.
  16. When there is no light in my world, you burn brightly in my soul. You are everything for me!
  17. You are a real reason to be happy. When you are not with me, I feel as if I have lost everything. But when you’re here, I understand the meaning of happiness.
  18. Look at the sky in the daytime and you’ll see my sun. Look there at night, and you’ll see my moon and stars. Look in the mirror at any time, and you`ll see everything I need!
  19. “What can be more valuable than our relationship? Nothing more than you… You are the reason to love this world… Our world!”
  20. You are every reason in my heart and mind that I wake up each morning, to see your face.

  21. You are my everything, you are the real reason as to why I am still alive up until this moment.

  22. Just the idea of seeing you in the morning is enough to wake me up from my deepest slumbers.

  23. The sound of my name on your lips is the best thing that I can ever hear every single day

He’s My Everything Quotes:

56 You Are My Everything Quotes

  1. The heavens must be feeling generous to me because they sent one of their own: you.

  2. I believe that you are truly an angel in disguise, almost showing the truth and then not.

  3. You are my everything and it seems so hard to imagine that I can go on with life without you.

  4. Let me tell you the truth: I will never ever leave you because you are the love of my life.

  5. You fill an empty space deep in my life. You truly are my soulmate and I wish to be with you forever.


  6.  I love our long phone calls and the secret jokes we share. The sweet pet names you created for me.


  7.  You have a special way of dealing with me and I’m sure you will always be there for me. You are my support and I can count on you. When troubled times face me, I feel secure because I have you.


  8.  I have been at my best and worst with you. Even when I’m moody and annoying, you deal with me with patience. Your love is constant and I need you forever.


  9. Now that I know of your love, I will never be able to live without you.
  10.  I’m not interested in your past because you make my living worthwhile. All I’m interested in is building my future with you.
  11. You are all that I see in my life ahead. I need you to be my constant and eternal support. I love you.